Welcome to HumaQuest Consulting India Pvt. Ltd

HumaQuest Consulting India Pvt.Ltd has emerged out in to making a significant difference by providing a customized Human Resource & Business consulting solution. Our solutions directly impacts Organizations' Top line & bottom line growth exponentially and reduces the overall Capital & Operating expenditures optimally. Our group of employees & EIP Consultants (Existing Industry Panelist) who also, play the role of an Industry Analyst/ Expert, design/ develop customized solutions addressing clients' key pain areas across Industries/ Segments. We clearly differentiate ourselves to that of any other Business consulting firm who try to offer services through a group of Fresh B School Graduates with nil or negligible industry exposure. Usual practice of Consulting is Jargon based that doesn’t meet customers’ expectation or do any value addition ensuring some instrumental strategies for growth.

In today’s Management Consulting Industry, customers get several consulting service providers mainly comprising of the Big Bs who, either provide syndicated stand- alone reports which address Business requirements partially due to its generic nature, or in the form of Custom Consulting, which is often delivered by a group of inexperienced B School pass-outs & fresh graduates with limited or no Industry know-how. Results are often disastrous.

Hence, we at HumaQuest , deeply felt the need of filling-up this gap and design more apt solutions through a group of Industry Experts and Business Leaders. We further combine a group of our dedicated HumaQuest employees who ensure to provide additional values to our custom offering & HR consulting. This has enabled us to meet our clients’ expectation.

Current Opening : Call our helpline from 10 am to 7 pm  at +91 90380414 00 / 55 / 66 / 77 / 88  

1)      AGM Finance Chennai 17L

2)      ZBM        Multitherapy Kolkata 15-20L

3)      ZBM        Cardio Mumbai 15-20L

4)      RBM        Neuro Ahmedabad 10L

5)      ABM        Neuro Ahmedabad 5L

6)      ABM        Neuro   Baroda  5L

7)      ABM         Cardio Diabetic Jodhpur 5L

8)      ABM        Cardio Diabetic Jodhpur5L

9)      ZBM        Acute Banglore 15-20L

10)   Scientific Business Manager- Nephro+ Rheumato

11)   Ahmedabad 8L

12)   Scientific Business Manager- Nephro+ Rheumato

13)   South Delhi 8L

14)   Scientific Business Manager- Nephro+ Rheumato

15)   East Delhi 8L

16)   Scientific Business Manager- Nephro+ Rheumato

17)   East Delhi 8L

18)   Scientific Business Manager- Nephro+ Rheumato

19)   Lucknow 8L

20)   Scientific Business Manager- Nephro+ Rheumato

21)   Ghaziabad 8L

22)   Scientific Business Manager- Nephro+ Rheumato

23)   Jaipur 8L

24)   Scientific Business Manager- Nephro+ Rheumato

25)   Bangalore 8L

26)   Regional Business Manager- Nephro+ Rheumato

27)   Mumbai 8L

28)   Regional Business Manager- Nephro+ Rheumato

29)   Bangalore 8L



30)   Regional Business Manager- Nephro+ RheumatoMumbai 8L

31)   Regional Business Manager- Nephro+ Rheumato Bangalore 8L

32)   Digital Marketing Manager- Healthcare -Mumbai    12L

33)   Scientific Business Manager Nephro Pharma Pune   7L

34)   Scientific Business Manager Nephro Pharma Indore 7L

35)   Zonal Mgr Institution      Pharma Mumbai              15L

36)   RBM oncology   Pharma major   Mumbai               15L

37)   Hospital Business Manager Pharma Ahmedabad     7

38)   Hospital Business ManagerPharma Bangalore        7L

39)   Hospital Business Manager Pharma NW Delhi        7L

40)   Hospital Business Manager Pharma Mumbai S       7L

41)   Deputy Finance Manager MNC Pharma  Mumbai    10L

42)   Intl Finance Manager Diagnostics Mumbai             12L

43)   RBM urology      Pharma major   Mumbai              12L

44)   RBM Oncology  Pharma major   Hyderabad           12L

45)   RBM Oncology  Pharma major   Chennai               12L

46)   RBM Cardio        Pharma major   Hyderabad         12L

47)   RBM Cardio        Pharma major Chennai               12L

48)   RBM Critical Care Pharma major Chennai              12L

49)   SBM oncology   Pharma major   Chandigarh         12L

50)   RBM oncology   Pharma major   Chandigarh         12L

51)   ZBM oncology   Pharma major   Delhi                   15L

52)   RBM Acute         Pharma major   Kolkata               11L

53)   RBM Acute         Pharma Ahmedabad                   11L

54)   ZBM Acute          Pharma major   Kolkata             18L

55)   ZBM Chronic      Pharma major   Mumbai              18L

56)   NBM Chronic      Pharma major   Mumbai             25L

57)   EXE HR  Pharma major   Kolkata                         08L

58)   NSM-oncology  MNC Healthcare Banglore             20L

59)   NSM-oncology  MNC Healthcare              Delhi      20L

60)   KAM Oncology  MNC HealthcareMumbai                10L

61)   ZSM Oncology   MNC Healthcare             Delhi      10L

62)   Manager Logistics Healthcare Mumbai                   15L

63)   Business Head South HealthcareBanglore              35L

64)   Business Head Nepal Healthcare Kathmandu          25L

65)   Zonal Manager Healthcare           Ahmedabad         20L

66)   RSM Banglore    Pharma Consumer/OTC                 15L

67)   TM         Diagnostics         Patiala                          3.5L

68)   AM         Diagnostics         Bhatinda                              5L

69)   TM         Diagnostics         Jalandhar                             3.5L

70)   IT Lead Cloverleaf MNC Diagnostics Hyderabad  12L

71)   IT Lead Automation MNC DiagnosticsHyderabad 12L

72)   IT lead Datapower MNC Diagnostics Hyderabad 12L

73)   IT Lead Security MNC Diagnostics Hyderabad    12L


(~All the CTC mentioned above is an indicative and based on your current CTC and interview assessment)